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Horoscope Cancer 2012 | Predictions Cancer 2012

Cancer Predictions for the year 2012.

Sign of Cancer: June 22-July 23

Love and Family: Love and family to cancer awaits 2012 a year of meeting with friends, love and passion in the family much love and understanding with children. Those close to pamper you and show you how much I want. Timing of changes to improve the family and the couple as they have the odd mishap that will strengthen and glorious in the couple situations. Outputs, friends, meetings, people to meet, live stage that will fill you as a person and for those lone sign you may find one of them to that person so much hope.

Work & Money: Work and money for Cancer 2012 changes, changes and more changes to the sign of the zodiac quieter. More responsibilities at work, offers of other work, unexpected promotions, removals and positive investments. The good vibes to all circumstances of the sign stand will keep half of the year when it encounters a momentary economic crisis in which you must take care to save money and pass money not bad.

Health: Cancer Health for 2012 shall not be required on the physical, try to do meditation or going to the masseuse to soothe and ease the anxiety that consumes daily work. Eat healthy and essential as digestive problems are frequent this year as ulcers, gastritis or gallbladder ailments, try not to be bad blood