Horoscope Capricorn 2012 | Capricorn Predictions 2012

Capricorn Predictions for the year 2012.

Sign Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Love and Family: Love and family to watch out for the 2012 Capricorn misunderstanding with your partner and work for a business, so you will have full trust your partner and talk about everything that happens in the couple. For the rest of the year everything will be wonderful, love will grow little by little during 2012. The family will appreciate the time together that will fill you with optimism and satisfaction. Reassurance on every situation that arises and best with humor to learn to cope with the mistakes of others. Friends no shortage every month and you'll know right away that friends are great people throughout your life.

Work & Money: Work and money for Capricorn 2012, the good fellowship you have with your team is the one you like will help your peers to grow in the business, but have some minor interference with your loved ones know how to take responsibility to bring the work as it should. The ambition will not let you enjoy what you get with effort and the amount of work will take years of energy, enjoy every moment. Problems at work quickly solved if you use your wits to 100 percent.

Health: Health for Capricorn 2012 will have to be careful of sudden movements, small minor accident but you will by distracted or anxious. Your muscles have always been your forte, but should strengthen as the knees. Beware of foods that do not have stomach problems or poisoning.