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Horoscope Gemini 2012 | Gemini Predictions 2012

Gemini Predictions for the year 2012.

Sign Gemini: May 22-June 21

Love and Family: Love and family for Gemini 2012 has complicated the first couple months of the year and you'll be away from your life partner, I recommend you have your worries and pains, because if you keep communicating with the couple and if you try to listen to others, things change quickly so it will be ripe for a good living and you're ready to live a romantic time with your partner as the best time in the family. If you know find and discover yourself as a person very important things will come as the coming of a child. If you are not a couple will not be disappointed, have a very busy social life in which people meet worthwhile and until that person in your life, but only with time.

Work & Money: Work and money for Gemini 2012 will be a successful year in labor and economically, as they can receive money unexpectedly, salary increases, foreign travel, excellent time for those in the field of letters or art, to write the book so much hope or dream that painting. Try this good time to save for those months when money is tight, in addition to pressure from friends or family can get that job she craves. If you will let your creativity fly to present projects that your boss will reward you.

Health: Health for Gemini 2012 will be a little emotionally unstable, let you bring along the nerves and anxiety in the first months of the year, but at the end of the year upset stomach by alcohol and foods high in fat. The diet is your only ally if you want to keep your calm state of mind as a good exercise even that is minimal as walking. The services will take to bring evil, tries to stop concientizarte little and it also takes care of your muscles.