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Horoscope Taurus 2012 | Taurus Predictions 2012

Taurus Predictions for the year 2012.

Sign Taurus: April 21-May 21

Love and Family: Love and the family in 2012 Taurus will be a year filled with successes at every level, although the first months of the year will be the best time for couples to sign is not definitive, but this will solve it with the help of friends and activities between family relationships and your partner. Meet people who will become very supportive friends throughout your life, but try not to neglect your old friends. At year's end will come the proposals of marriage or cohabitation, if you are single your seduction will be in 10 points.

Work & Money: Work and Money for Taurus 2012 will be difficult the first few months of the year, so if you were thinking about starting a project or invest in a home or leave for later work. If you study or work in the area of research is a good time for field trips or work. In 2012 you change jobs, though at first you do not attract the offer, take it to be the initiative to find a better job then through relationships. The partners will not help, try to stay away, not a moment to sign contracts or important documents.

Health: Health for 2012 Taurus is stable, even with some casualties as the possibility of having a minor accident by failing to take the recommendations of professionals or by distracting yourself. Also at year end will have to make a diet with the help of a nutritionist at the foot of the letter if you want to slim down those extra kilos that year but left him in peace, because the mood is indispensable. Take care of your health care because if the small things like sleep, healthy eating and physical activity will be rewarded.