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Cancer Predictions for the year 2013.

Sign of Cancer: June 22-July 23

Love and Family: Love and family for Cancer 2013 will have to avoid scenes of jealousy to her partner as controlling what makes or breaks your partner so that no one gets tired. If everything feels shows and frees your partner have unforgettable moments while think of marriage. The family will be a great support for the single sign then find a soul mate without looking.

Work & Money: Work and money for Cancer 2013 will be opportune moments for making big decisions in the workplace and economic. You get the choice between several jobs and different situations, but care may invest where and with whom. It´s a good year to get everything I had thought at the professional level and get more money.

Health: Health for Cancer 2013 will have to be careful when doing physical activity by muscle problems. Food is essential for a healthy life, digestive poisoning can be very annoying if you do not take this into account. After much distraction in labor could use a break to return to work more energized.

Characteristics of Cancer

  • Its red color. In his case the color encourages and reinforces life character. Wake up your concerns and does not fall into pessimism.
  • His sport Swimming. It is a sign a little lonely, swimming is the sport that fits the personality of Cancer. And trying to take good care of food.
  • His profession Nurse / a. Cancer is prudent to take risks and like to meet people around them. Be attentive, concerned, very human and sensitive. They also serve to try to forget about their own illnesses having to occupy his mind on the evils of others.
  • His hobby Music. I like quiet. They are filled with melodies that are floating their dreams. Means to interact and get your emotions. The music caresses your senses and your dream is to become a musician.
  • Your water element. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water element (female). The element Water represents the emotions, feeling, intuition, referring to feelings of relatedness. They are also attracted to the mysterious, imagination. They are the most sensitive and special signs of the horoscope. Cancer represents the world around family, Scorpio to sensuality and a constant metamorphosis. Pisces emotional, psychological aspect affects him. All three are guided by their feelings and have them, and act, are determined based on what they feel, what they like and dislike, rather than by rational criteria.
    They are signs that pervade the environment of a sensibility that only they transmit, so they tend to have experiences based on feelings, generous and what they want to feel.
  • Her fashion tend to be not more prominent tones, if you like to change and buy clothes, but that is not expensive, so the earth colors are preferred by them. They must be crazy to spend a moment, but if they like the good. Not that fills them can be a complement to what most are set.
  • It takes wrong with: Aries and Libra. Chinese Horoscope: Dragon and Dog.
  • He gets along well with Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Chinese Horoscope: Snake, Pig and Ox