Horoscope Sagittarius 2013 | Sagittarius Predictions 2013

Sagittarius Predictions for the year 2013.

Sign Sagittarius: November 21-December 21

Love and Family: Love and family for 2013 Sagittarius will change your mood and your patience with the family. For married will sign a whirlwind of unexpected that will test if you really feel with your partner, then come winds of change to strengthen the relationship. For singles encounters endless occasional they will see real love.

Work & Money: Work and money for Sagittarius 2013 there will be problems at work with their bosses and colleagues for sharing ideas and nervousness before new projects you will be responsible for taking on new responsibilities and pressure that will feel overwhelming. Not a good year for investments or ostentatious purchases and will not have enough money for it. It should be more rational and cold in the act is working.

Health: Health for 2013 Sagittarius will feel tired, lethargic from lack of good nutrition, try not skipping the most important meal of the day, even at work should get you something to eat. Nerves of work will be present in your food generándote acidity.

Characteristics of Sagittarius

  • Their green color. Equivalent to travel. Free and unfettered spirit, intense, doing things thoroughly and desire for prominence. That color gives it life and relevance does not mean health. It is a warm color that brings out the passions.
  • His sport Tennis. He likes to compete, but at a distance, with elasticity and never melee. It is individual who does not like to depend on anyone. It is a sport with prestige as Sagittarius likes, that the effort is not wasted. And if you do pay better.
  • His profession Writer / a. From Sagittarians can expect everything, but a profession that they do well, for insight and they love to communicate, is the writer. They are tireless, imaginative, have the capacity to invent, enjoy the admiration aroused in others by what they do, and like the financial rewards have easily described, and its performance can be total.
  • His hobby Travel. These are people whose enthusiasm and joy is to know places and people, but not see them again. When they see a new place feel a real pleasure. They do not care what it costs.
  • Your Fire element. Fire sign, Leo and Aries (Male). They are active, independent and spirited. This element is characteristic of the three signs is the aggressiveness and leadership, are determined and do not expect anyone to embark on anything.
    Aries may represent the immediate impulse, the pioneer of the action, Leo likes to surround and attracts everyone for any project, good leader.
  • Her fashion: Not in the world of fashion, have other things to think about then do not focus on this issue. They usually have a personal touch and go but not to detail, not funky, but not seduced. They mix colors and clothes.
  • It takes wrong with: Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Chinese Horoscope: Rooster, Ox and Rabbit.
  • He gets along well with: Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius. Chinese Horoscope: Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Tiger