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Knowing the Tarot

The tarot is the art and the art of guessing the past, present and future of the consultant, also serves to help understand, implement and cope with different situations in a personīs life.

Data from the time of the ancient Egyptians, who in the base of the Sphinx, where it was found that the hieroglyphic symbols of the tarot cards with his twenty major arcana and minor arcana, making a total of 78 letters. He was saved and hidden by the priests to have been written in the Book of Thot, who possesses wisdom and autaridad living on the Gods of ancient Egypt.

According to the passage of time, the cards were changed, improved and mingling with each other to form different types of tarot and various types with each run.

Each card has its meaning is changing and it depends on the letters that accompany them around him, the question of interest, as interpreted and knowledge you have about tarot cards.

To begin with the cards, to see so many in the market, some good and others less so; tarot to prove what he feels comfortable deck, which can interpret the symbolism that it depends on the subconscious shooter letters .

The process of selecting a card, it must be remembered that what we want. Therefore, if we do not want to use a "classic" tarot must choose one that inspires.

Tarot classic: Palladino, of Waite, of Oswald Wirth, the latter two are based versions of the tarot Rider, and the famous magician Alester Crowley, the latter having a great fantasy illustrations and richness of detail. At present highlights and are often used the Egyptian Tarot, its beauty, its richness of detail and symbolism, the favorites to make some specialists.

When using a new deck, know it. As with the glass, it is not appropriate for others to handle. Place a glass on the deck along the way. Baraje while you have in mind the question, cut three piles moving to the left and use the polarity of the aura about them. Feeling in his left hand, choose one of the piles and turn over the letter to see it up. Use the booklet that comes with the cards always give priority to the first impressions and intuitions. Try reading a letter, cards and start again. Tarot readings made using only the major arcana and the deck is complete.

Always keep the deck in its own box, a white cloth. Things made by hand are the best fabrics and boxes of beauty because they have personal meaning and full of energy from the user.

Keep an altar on the deck and put a glass top when not in use. If the deck was overloaded, as do the windows, giving the letters to wipe sun, laying on an altar lighted by spraying roses with dry salt or resin beads, or using healing aura.

Get ready to read tarot lighting a candle with a clear mind and relaxed, focused only on the question and use the polarity of the crystals and aura to impress the cards before distributing them. Ask the goddess wisdom and leadership, selected from the deck and cut the pile to use and turn the cards.