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Horoscope Leo 2012 | Leo Predictions 2012

Leo Predictions for the year 2012.

Sign of Leo: July 24-August 23

Love and Family: Love and family for Leo 2012 comes with love, passion, love constant throughout the year with family, friends and couples. The Union's activities in 2012 will be eternal, but as will the lure to the surface will meet more than one person, try to choose well. While they are as a couple will live the most beautiful moments with the arrival of children at home, and for those who already have children, they should be those that fill the heart of pure love. Communication will be key and the door to continue a relationship later this year when the planets collide.

Work & Money: Work and money for Leo 2012 you can receive occasional magic money, but you have to creartelo if you do not work, imagination is essential in the sign, then get going to get that job both elderly and the stars are there to help. Your peers or partners do not play a good pass, try to talk and get confident with them, but take care. After half of year you will have more luck at the professional level, if you put it to your capacity.

Health: Health for Leo 2012 the little sleep you completely mess up, coming to eat poorly, work too much, since you are more ambitious than usual for a possible promotion. Beware of alcohol, checks the heart and stomach. Try to do more physical activity and it costs you because you love both looking good.