Horoscope Aries 2013 | Aries Predictions 2013

Aries predictions for the year 2013.

Sign Aries: March 21-April 20

Love and Family: Love and Family for Aries 2013 surprises will meet the arrival of a baby, if failing is not to take care of every possible way. For singles of the sign will be a year of loneliness but full of friends and family that contain and advice. For those with family doubts will continue but may lose everything if you think about it, later screened new illusions together.

Work & Money: The work and Money for Aries 2013 is very favorable economic business with new projects, but watch companies. For those working in a company take care of your colleagues who will possibly ascent in a door. Pleasure trips will find a job for sure and very good revenue to help invest in home ownership.

Health: Health for 2013 Aries should take care of your emotional health by overwork, check vision, improve their food-borne allergies once they start to de-stress physical activity.

Characteristics of Aries

  • His color is red: this will turn your impulsiveness. It is the watchword of his pride. No need to discover inside, because with that color and how to know who you are without presentation. Arrogance, lack vitality until strength and aggressiveness.
  • Your sport: Motorcycle. It combines two features they love on the one hand the risk and the other the thrill of competition. They like to fight to win and applaud them if they do.
  • His profession: Military. Profession of action. Control desire and ability to lead, just thinking about the action that is done that goes perfectly with the philosophy of life of Aries. Order or assume the role of obedience. You do not support objections or put in doubt his words, not mind sacrificing his family, city and what it takes to change to make their stuff.
  • His tree, Araucaria. Slender tree, strong and longevity. They are able to overcome the difficulties that arise. They are given to protect the family, friends and acquaintances. Always trying to create ideas, plans or simply entertain. They occupy large areas and provide shade, means they need a lot of territory and are protective.
  • His hobby: Hunting and mountains. Happy is a challenge because exalts his pride and fight for nature. In the case of women, are often more issues related to nature and mountaineering. I like challenges alone, while running. The physical toll this means showing them how strong they are.
  • Your element: Fire.
    Aries is a fire sign, Leo and Sagittarius with (male). They are active, independent and spirited. This element is characteristic aggressiveness and leadership, are determined and do not expect anyone to embark on anything. Aries represents the immediate impulse, the pioneer of the action, Leo who likes to surround him like a magnet attracts everyone for any project, good leader.
  • Her fashion: They worry about how to get dressed, always with expensive clothes, often do not know if they is right or wrong, but what I know is what has cost them, not be exaggerated when attention, what they like to know that good things are not a sign that boasts the aesthetic sense. They take things and know what it's worth nothing else matters to them.
  • Her cosmetics: Blush. Together with the sign Aries. Always have to have something that catches attention and see you at a glance. Since there is no retailer, has the advantage that it takes a long time of application. Aries can not lose time. The prevailing interest in drawing attention to others than to look good.
  • It takes wrong with: Cancer and Capricorn. Chinese Horoscope: Goat and Ox
  • He gets along well with: Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Chinese Horoscope: Monkey, Horse, Dog and Tiger.