Horoscope Gemini 2013 | Gemini Predictions 2013

Gemini Predictions for the year 2013.

Sign Gemini: May 22-June 21

Love and Family: Love and family for Gemini 2013 find love in an old friend who will begin to see with new eyes. For those couples live in situations where mutual love create splendid moments to surprise your love. Listen to your family and try to be more patient with those who do not understand about him, once you understand the way they think the relationship will improve. Try to take care of his words to his friends, may inadvertently hurt.

Work & Money: Work and money for Gemini 2013 should take care and save money because they do not know when you'll need, as you will have problems at work. Business opportunity to travel and perform new work projects. Beware of signing contracts illegal or unwelcome judgments. The sale of properties that can leave a wide margin to invest and save on what you really need.

Health: Health for Gemini 2013 beware of overwork that will stress, stop smoking or drinking too much alcohol and try physical activity or something more relaxing like yoga for your health. Headaches can be a condition of any major illness, get medical checkups before regret later.

Characteristics of Gemini

  • Its yellow color. Is a color as his personality: bright, bold and cheerful. Sometimes it is a forbidden color for the superstitious when it comes to dressing. Represents the joviality in keeping with the Gemini.
  • Your sport: Golf. They are people who do not like to sweat or work too hard, practice sports based on aesthetics and postures, always emphasizing the public to know and be around. Golf is identified because the distances and have saved elegance even playing sports.
  • His profession Advertising / a. His fertile imagination, coupled with his people skills. In this profession you will find the possibility of establishing relations with meetings, debates and exchange of views. It is ideal for these creative minds and in constant turmoil. Will his ability as a communicator, convinced that their ideas are good, and this work will not be bored.
  • His hobby painting and reading. People with imagination and tireless. Your mind has the need for new things and enjoy spending your time in these two activities, which will amuse and entertain.
  • Its element Air. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are Air signs (Male). They are represented by logical thinking ability.
    They are nothing stable or tied to any place, according to blow air that direction caught. Excellent communicator Gemini, Libra is the one who puts in the balance and all that Aquarius gets on the intellectual plane or apply it to teach general utility.
  • Her fashion are the best aesthetic taste have and know how to take, always try to look cool, they like bright colors and lively range of clothing and style, according to the mood, are often admired by their dress, they can be stylish, bold, sports, anything that will put you good. Everyone will want to copy them, especially in the female case of this sign.
  • It takes wrong with: Capricorn. Chinese Horoscope: Ox.
  • He gets along well with: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Chinese Horoscope: Dragon, Monkey, Dog, Rat and Tiger