Horoscope Libra 2013 | Libra Predictions 2013

Libra Predictions for the year 2013.

Sign Libra: September 24-October 23

Love and Family: Love and family reunions Libra 2013 can present surprises and start new relationships for singles of the sign. For those on business, the situation will improve little by little, but if your partner cela much careful in how you dress or how you relate to your loved ones. In itself a sign that attracts much to be opposite and this will bring consequences, but you limit. Librans are good friends and parents, this year will have a lot of work to help and advise loved ones.

Work & Money: Work and money for Libra 2013 must be more vigilant and not waste money, but later, in mid-year revenue change due to changing requirements or consent in their work. New hopes and new projects will come hand in hand with making decisions for the more rational and cautious sign of the zodiac

Health: Health for Libra 2013 should beware of foods high in fat and ingest more fiber because intestinal problems. The nerves for what will work to maltraer like hyper caloric meals walking or some kind of exercise you enjoy.

Characteristics of Libra

  • The color gray. It likes to stand out. Keep track of your surroundings. Very detailed. And very firmly, without sending. This color, such as lead, shows how strong is this sign. Equilibrium.
  • Horse Riding As their sport or not sufferers like wrestling, is better than someone or something make the effort to them. The horse riding can blame if something goes as it should. As for Libra maintain their position and dignity is important, nothing happens if it fails the horse. Prestige seeking pleasure and sometimes quietly.
  • His lawyer profession are diplomats, have temper, like social relations but without alterations and education. Exercise with education, conviction and keeping the forms. Act as a mediator.
  • His hobby art. Reflective sign, I filled it relates to art. They are contemplative and receptive to what they show. Would want to be painters and artists in general.
  • Its element Air. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are Air signs (Male). The Air are represented by logical thought. Are risky, related to mental and intellectual skills of reflection, creative, intelligent. These signs develop in different ways, Gemini is the communicator, Libra is the balance and Aquarius puts everything that comes on the intellectual plane or apply it to teach general utility.
  • His fashion is not a sign that stands out, are influenced by nearby streams, by their environment, their indecision will make other people tell them what to wear.
    They do not like to go bold and have little bearing dressed men, in the case of females, like fashion have to stop and learn to select themselves.
  • It takes wrong with: Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. Chinese Horoscope: Snake, Sheep and Ox.
  • He gets along well with: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. Chinese Horoscope: Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Tiger and Pig