Horoscope Taurus 2013 | Taurus Predictions 2013

Taurus Predictions for the year 2013.

Sign Taurus: April 21-May 21

Love and Family: Love and Family for Taurus 2013 should emphasize your feelings with your partner and not put it aside to bring out and enhance the relationship, jealousy cares. For singles of the sign will remain alone those who wanted it. The family wanted to keep you and help you around the area of your life giving you important tips that will be discarded. The problems that will arise in the workplace is not reflecting them to your children.

Work & Money: Work and Money for Taurus 2013 will have the luck of being a raise, but the envious eye of your colleagues. This year the creativity at work is your forte to improve and achieve consent. If you want to invest in businesses to improve economically the best chance to win is to diversify, then it will be time to save.

Health: Health for Taurus 2013 will surprise the overflow of energy that characterizes, anxiety will cause many problems later, exercise and good nutrition will help maintain a balance in health. Smokers should kick the habit as they will have a good chance of having breathing problems.

Characteristics of Taurus

  • Its color: Blue. It draws attention and gives you balance and safety. It is considered a cool color and personality that goes with reserved and introverted, but not distant. It gives you strength.
  • Your sport: Judo. Nothing better than melee and sweat. The tenacity and perseverance that has tuned in a special way with them. Because they are alone in their struggles, seems to be a perfect sport for them.
  • Your profession: Merchant. It is very materialistic and loves money above all else, and although it is a sign introvert, enjoy contact with people and have various social relationships involved. Two variables found in this profession.
  • His hobby of movie. Most relaxing is what you have to do with observation and contemplation. I like stories, so his passion for film.
  • Its earth element. Taurus with Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs (Female). They are prudent, practical, and persistent melancholy. This element indicates that it is fermented, and pick the fruit grows, hardworking, fair, responsible. The quality of these signs is its practicality, it may represent the material world, who appreciate aesthetically beautiful forms, how physically pleasurable, hence the drive to acquire and possess things.
  • His fashion always like the same kind of clothes, hard to bring them into the world of art, its colors are preferably to be carried forever, and not have to be changing the style will be as everyone, but it will always for life.
    If you like clothes and appreciate the value in others, occasionally surprised by a small change.
  • It takes wrong with: Leo, Aquarius and Libra. Chinese Horoscope: Monkey, Dog and Tiger.
  • He gets along well with: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Chinese Horoscope: Rooster, Pig, Ox and Rabbit