Pisces Horoscope 2016

Predictions 2016 for Pisces

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Sign of Pisces : from 20 February to 20 March.

Predictions of love, family and friends in 2016 for Pisces

In this 2016 will be the best to love level as singles find their perfect match and gradually will become so serious that will be in search of children earlier than expected. Married the sign will be quite entrenched as to share any time together. The children will be a faithful witness of the love they have for each other. The family will be an important pillar, accompanying every decision and every moment with you. If you run into questions with your partner, it is best to distance yourself.

Horoscope for Work and Money Pisces in 2016

In this 2016 will not be conducive if you want to buy or move house, as the major firms are scams white even with acquaintances. It is ideal to save money throughout the year , since next year will need to spend more than they should. You will have great opportunities to grow in your career and move to a better position for the second half of the year. Some colleagues be angry and seek out the worst in you out of jealousy and envy of your boss who admires you as a person.

Predictions of Health for Pisces in 2016

In this 2016 you must take care of overeat, because the body is not like before and take you longer to lose those extra kilos. Be calm and patience with the words of others.

Characteristics of Pisces

  • The color Violet. It is very striking. Prudence and reflection. Pisces has a point of originality and creativity, but quietly. Color is also a pleasure and solidarity.
  • His sport Basketball. Does not cause noise or with certain attraction not excessive, and company, do not like being alone. A game where there is solidarity and fellowship, two qualities developed. It is colorful and cheerful.
  • His profession Artist. Given its sensitive nature, it requires dedication and passion. Live each moment as if it were unique. His dedication and professionalism are beyond question.
    That way you feel special and to live is to be an artist.
  • His hobby Fashion. It is creative and a dreamer. Because they are little smug, enjoy the decorations and the changes of fashion. Change is for them a way to change his personality. They love fashion suggestiveness and refinement that entails. Demonstrate sensitivity and pleasure with their clothing.
  • Your water element. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water element (female). The element Water represents emotions, feeling, intuition, feelings when relating. They are attracted to the mysterious, imagination. They are sensitive and special horoscope. Cancer can represent their world around the family, Scorpio to the sensuality and a metamorphosis. Pisces emotional, psychological aspect affects him. All three are guided by their feelings.
  • Her fashion his mark as fashion trends, like clothes and tend to be the most striking. You can wear clothes with bright colors and stylish, the care it is part of its package and like to captivate. They are flirty, buy lots of clothes and like to change your mind often.
  • It takes wrong with Sagittarius and other Pisces. Chinese Horoscope: Rat.
  • He gets along well with: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Chinese Horoscope: Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig and Ox.