Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Predictions 2016 for Scorpio

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Sign of Scorpio : from 24 October to 21 November.

Predictions of love, family and friends in 2016 for Scorpio

In this 2016 they will begin an adventure, which initially will be somewhat quiet and if future, but then begin to realize that youŽll spend more time with him than with any other and feeling many things. Married of the sign begin an affair that will bring many problems, as it will be the same workplace and eventually one of them will run out of their working position. You will seek the help of family and containment solution for obtner and conscious decision making.

Horoscope for Work and Money Scorpio in 2016

In this 2016 will receive significant help in your workplace to improve and grow. All your peers feel comfortable with you, so that success is almost Secure. In the first half of the year you will need financial support from your family to cover the costs and the economy later when your family is settled through better job you can return the debt and grow in monetary form. If you have to finish a race or pay late, Do it only if you are really convinced that you know you Žll pass, otherwise do not present.

Predictions of Health for Scorpio in 2016

In this 2016 you must take care of possible muscle injuries make strong exercises. YouŽll have to learn that not always exercise helps to recreate the mind, often you think the physical goals too high.

Characteristics of Scorpio

  • His light blue. Both heaven, like the sea, have that tone, which means relaxation on. Persons referred to, which are abstracted in thought. But it is a cool color, translucent leaves no feelings, much control.
  • Canoeing their sport. Brings together emotion and contact with water, two points that are fantastic. Nothing is more intense and risky for one born under this sign, that loves to be in solitude and remote sites. They also tend to be like nature.
  • Their profession. Engineer.
    One of the many professions related to Scorpio. They have the capacity to study and reflection, move easily on paper, in the same way that others do better with action and adventure. When they move they like to do with knowledge not by force, will always be analytical.
  • His hobby Esotericism. The strange sensation of scorpions, it makes you lean towards these issues. They believe in everything and anything, like to be informed, although not usually exercise. They are imaginative and esoteric entertains them.
  • Your water element. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water element (female). The element Water represents the emotions, feelings, intuition, referring to feelings when relating. They are also attracted to the mysterious, imagination. They are sensitive and special signs of the horoscope, and therefore the most specific. Cancer can represent their world around the family, Scorpio to the sensuality and a metamorphosis.
  • Live intensely your fashion fashion, if you like keep a special aesthetic, and if a person is not awkward, not look. Its range of possibilities is wide, the colors of all kinds, from the forts to the dull, and likes to project him in clothes.
  • It takes wrong with: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. Chinese Horoscope: Snake, Goat, Rooster, Dog and Rabbit.
  • He gets along well with Leo. Chinese Horoscope: Mono.