New Free Predictions for Leo 2013

We begin a new year and we have published for you the Leo predictions for 2013, you can not miss it. You can read them for free and know that your future holds: Leo Predictions 2013 for free

Leo 2009 Predictions

Leo predictions for all year 2009.

LEO 2009 (July 24-August 23)

Family and friends to Leo in 2009
For 2009 will be oppressive in the first half of the year will show you where barbaric nato leadership, but we will not believe because in the second half of the year, your goals begin to decline, particularly in the theme of love, which spend wonderful moments after almost indifference. In the second half of the year, your friends will disperse and you enjoy being with them. The memory of love will lead to an emotional, be careful.

Money, Work and Health in 2009 for Leo
In 2009, will start first in a very good job, but should not show its arrogance in front of their peers in the second half because the lower level. Excess in everything you do will be your worst enemy, to cause problems cardiovascular, muscle, and even emotional stress. In the second half of the year, be careful with your partner, because you bring some conflicts and difficulties in a fair contract or matter. Take more time to the things that support your health.