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Tarot Reading: simple cross

Cards to tarot reading of simple cross provide as follows:



2 6

1 - The arcane leaving in place the consultant will speak of the past, what influenced him young, or at the beginning of your question.

2 - The letter in the second position shows the difficulty that arises when attempting to good place. When asked about the job, will reveal who is acting against them, who does not support it or what is the attitude that makes things not go well.

3 - the third opposite the second tells us what is in favor, who must be supported in order to bequeath a success, where or who can help.

4 - From the fourth shows us the future, beginning with the immediate one day a week.

5 - Indicates what will happen in the long term, it may be inconsistent with the fourth card which will indicate a change in the medium term.

6 - It is the end result. We found the answer to the very long term, may be at the end of life, or the extension in time of the question.