Tarot Card Reading

Types Tarot Card Readings

1-Standard Edition of the cross

With this card you can run a concrete response so successful. It gets its name from the provision of the cards on the table, forming two lines cross. It is simple because there is a spin, the roll call of the Celtic cross, which adds additional cards at the end of the run. Chuck will be obtained with several answers, starting with the past, following barriers consultant, and ending with the immediate future, until the final result.

The letters are arranged as follows



2 6

Some authors prefer to start with the letter below (2) is preferred but always start with the left and follow the reverse movement of the hands of the clock.

Each position has the following interpretation

1 - The arcane leaving in place the consultant will speak of the past, what influenced him young, or at the beginning of your question.

2 - The letter in the second position shows the difficulty that arises when attempting to good place. When asked about the job, will reveal who is acting against them, who does not support it or what is the attitude that makes things not go well.

3 - the third opposite the second tells us what is in favor, who must be supported in order to bequeath a success, where or who can help.

4 - From the fourth shows us the future, beginning with the immediate one day a week.

5 - Indicates what will happen in the long term, it may be inconsistent with the fourth card which will indicate a change in the medium term.

6 - It is the end result. We found the answer to the very long term, may be at the end of life, or the extension in time of the question.

Reading of three cards

The run of three cards is one of the simplest, most often used to start in understanding the mysteries of the Tarot as to become familiar with playing cards and their different meanings depending on their position. In this spin, all the cards are used, the more arcane, like the child.


When you start, you must sort all the cards before dejárselas the consultant to the deck. In the case of using the more arcane, must be put as the first letter for 'Crazy', which is the only unnumbered, then the remaining 21 letters by numbers, from the 'Magician', to 'World'. Once ordered, it gives the deck andalusia consultant for the mix, while making the question. The consultant and the consultant must be uncrossed his legs and face each other.

Once shuffled cards consultant to put the deck back from left to right, three cards face down. Then one must turn to one, in the order they were posted, to interpret the cards. In the first letter shows the past about the question. According to the letter to leave, s was interpreted as the consultant. The second reading the present as it is now. When asked about relationships, this second letter should give the answer to if you currently have a relationship, or are looking for, or if you just break with your partner. The third reveals the Future or Conclusion of the question, the letter is important because it reveals the theme evolve as asked. We must explain that if the consultant by the changed context, this letter is not correct.


Deck of 48 cards and mixed. Once shuffled, consultant with the left hand cut. The tarotista take putting the deck above the pile was lower than before, and getting 18 letters that were built two diagonal cut at the center starting from the top left of the cross-shaped. In the first nine, forming the first diagonal from left to right. The extracted in tenth place is the first of nine others that constitute the second diagonal from right to left, which cut the former at the center (in the letter number five) and will form the so-called cross of St. Andrew. The letter will cover the number fourteen number five being annulled it. The reading of a will to nine, and ten to eighteen. It includes the old formulas that tradition Gypsy used in the spin. The phrase "Cruz, give me light" was delivered continuously as follows: "Cross" by extending the first "me", to deposit the second, "Light," to show the third. For the quarter turned to utter the word "Cross", "Dame" have formed until eighteen Cross.


48 cards are shuffled and taking them one by one, forming piles of four, who will be 12. Distributed so that it is clear that the order has been formed, ensuring that the cards are always face down. Each pile refers to a specific topic: personality, life and longevity. Fortunately, business, work. Family atmosphere, friendships. The house itself. Household goods. Love, sex. Health. Relationship managers, employees and colleagues. The life of a couple. Regarding enmities. Death. Wills. Cultural training. Policy. Society. Profissăo. Emotional life. Longings, frustrations. Raised the question of the consultant, look for the lot of the issues and get the answer. To expand, used to be two other elected on the same basis, taking into account that the data will be interpreted as a complement to the pile base and said it never changed by it.


Oracle more complete and suitable to meet specific questions. As in the past, take a deck of 48 cards, are mixed and offers consulting to cut (always with the left hand). The cartomántico take the deck and one to be a drawing card, up to 19, placing them as a pencil to trace a circle on a comprehensive statement. The cartomántico may order the circle with the letters, not perfection. When a figure for the formation of the circle, following the three letters are replaced by others, and continuing until 19. Is the interpretation, beginning with the first figure that has appeared in the opposite direction to clockwise. The appearance of white cards (aces, seven, eight and nine) predicts big ventures andalusia consultant. Four letters of the white suit qualify the general meaning as follows: O BASTOS COPAS: News of nature grata. OROS: The four letters announcing good luck in business or in gambling. SWORD: predictions of a death. To determine that the person will fall, unfortunately, be taken into account the general premonition of reading from the circle.


Used in specific questions, general consultant to be a broad vision of its present and its future. Shuffled the cards and cut by the consultant is taking the cartomántico one by one, and displaying it on the cloth to form three rows of seven cards each. The first row of the 1-7, refers to the past, the second to be placed under the first, the 8-14, refers to this, and the third row, placed below the previous 15-21's, said the future. This is done from right to left, or the order in which they have placed the cards.

CARD READING - the Great Pyramid

The oracle of the Great Pyramid comes from Egypt, used by the priests of the temple of Isis and there Delivered andalusia consulting the deck, he mixed with cutting his left hand and leaving two piles on the table. Cartomántico then pulls a letter from the pile of your right to be the starting point of the pyramid, the left will get lots of the two letters that make up the second line of the pile right out of the three whom the line third, returning to pile on the left, take four cards to form the line number four. Thus, the 28 ç draw cards that integrate the 7 lines placed beneath each of the past so that they form a pyramid. With regard to reading, there is no agreement about cartománticos therefore begin with the top of the pyramid (the order of appearance), others started by the first letter of the basic right of the row (the last to be formed) concluding that the first crown in the final outcome. Each cartomántico can and should adapt their systems to the inspiration itself.