Free Tarot Card Readings

Free Readings: description of the Tarot Cards

It is considered that the cups and coarse sticks are good.

The gold and swords are negative.

Gold crown and represent people of clear complexion and blond hair

The swords and coarse skin and dark hair.

Cups concern matters amorous feelings. Lovers, children, family and water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Bastos topics dealing with the labor movement, energy, action and travel and signs of fire as Sagittarius, Leo and Aries.

Swords relate to health, mental health issues are related to negative and dislikes, accidents and illnesses and signs of air as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The topics Oros economic, material possessions, debts, inheritance, and investment costs of land and signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

BASTOS Authority-magic

COPAS Love, femininity, art

SWORD-grouping, Action


The Major Arcana are:

EL LOCO or discipleship.

THE WIZARD or the apprentice.

The priestess or ISIS VELO.

THE EMPRESS or ISIS unveiled.


THE GUIDE Hierophant or alchemist.

LOVERS or two roads.



The hermit or starting.

The wheel of fortune or the big change.

Justice or the law of karma.

Hangman or the Holocaust.

DEATH or transmutation.


THE DEVIL'S SECRET or guardian.

LA TORRE, or the second death.

THE STAR fertilization or alchemist.

MOON or burial.

SUN or lighting.

Trial or reincarnation.

THE WORLD or the promised land.


The Tarot Card of Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris are:

I-the root of the power of Time

II - The root of the power of water

III - The root of the powers of the air

IV - The root of the powers of the earth

V - The Lord of the fire and lightning

VI - The Queen of the thrones of Flame

VII - The Prince of the chariot of fire

VIII - The Princess of flame rose from the burning palace fire

IX - The Lord of the waves and water King of the hosts of the sea

X - The Queen of the thrones of water

XI - The Prince of water carriage

XII - The Princess of water lotus Palace torrents

XIII - The Lord of the winds and breezes

XIV - The Queen of the thrones of air

XV - The prince of the trolley winds

XVI - The Princess of the strong winds Palace lotus air

XVII - The Lord of the vast and fertile land the King of the spirits of the land

XVIII - The Queen of the thrones of the earth

XIX - The Prince of the car on earth

XX - Princess reverberating in the hills.

The Pink Palace of the earth

XXI - The Lord of the contest

XXIII - The Lord of the value

XXIV - The lord of wisdom

XXV - The Lord of maternal gain

XXVI - The Lord of wealth

XXVII - The Lord of peace restored

XXVIII - The Lord of the sadness

XXIX - The Lord of the rest of the contest

XXX - The Lord of the loss of pleasure

XXXI - The Lord of pleasure

XXXII - The Lord of illusory success

XXXIII - The Lord of the speed

XXXIV - The Lord of the great strength

XXXV - The Lord of oppression

XXXVI - The Lord of the change harmonious

XXXVII - The Lord of the work material

XXXVIII - The Lord of the earthly power

XXXIX - The Lord's defeat

XL - The Lord of the success gained

XLI - The Lord of the effort unstable

XLII - The Lord's success left

XLIII - The Lord of the material happiness

XLIV - The Lord of success improved

XLVI - The Lord of the established

XLVII - The Lord of the work developed

XLVIII - The Lord of the misfortune material

XLIX - The Lord of material success

L - The Lord of the success breached

LI - The Lord of the reduced

LII - The Lord of the desperation and cruelty

LIII - The Lord of the ruin

LIV - The Lord of love

LV - The Lord of Abundance

LVI - The Lord of pleasure mixed