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Gypsy Tarot

Origin of people from Egypt, hence the English name derives Gypsies and that the word Gypsy and the other northern India from a region called Punjab. The first migration of gypsy tribes occurred in the ninth century. It is unlikely that the tribe has set up the deck so that their origin occurred in central Europe, Romania, Italy and France. The mixture of Western knowledge about what made mystical and spiritual. In the merger between them created the Tarot deck of gypsy inspired by the Tarot of Marseilles, but adapting their figures.

The gypsy Tarot is a deck of 78 and figures of which like the Tarot of Masrsella are 22 Major Arcana Arcana and 56 were minors. The minor Arcana are divided into 4 sticks of 14 cards each: Oros, Cups, Swords and Bastos, each representing a level of physical and mental horizon.