Tarot of Marseilles

Fautrier, illustrator of the XVIII Marseilles, designed the latest edition of the Tarot, as amended in detail. Nearly two centuries earlier, he met a Tarot Garzoni least the same kind of mythological.

There are variants of the tarot Marseille, as the Florentine Minchiate, which were 95 cards, of which forty were arcane. The most famous of the competitors is Baldini Letters: These are fifty mysteries, divided into five sets of ten cards each, and the trend as it relates to the teaching of Chinese card. Thus, the first of tens mark the hierarchy of social classes: beggar servant, artisan, merchant, gentleman, sir, duke, king, emperor and pope, and the second represents the nine muses, complemented by Apollo, the third refers to science, and the fourth to the virtues. The fifth series, including the seven planets, the eighth Sphere, Prime Mobile, and the First Cause.