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Tarot Meanings

History of the origin of the tarot

The origin of the tarot is dark. It goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, from the time that scholars have recognized the biggest mysteries in hieroglyphics, other scholars have discussed the similarities of the letters of the first games to play and idols east. Moreover, one can not exclude the Middle Ages as the birthplace of the tarot. We do not know even if the larger mysteries, with its arcane symbols and drawings under, with four clubs, were created separately and then assembled in a deck, or if you were born as a deck or seventy-eight deck of cards. Source normal playing cards and tarot in particular, in chronological order and details of the first cards, similar to the tarot.

The Egyptian Book of Thot

In Volume I of the work Primitif Le Monde, 1781, Court of Gebelin offers an argument in favor of the Egyptian origin of the tarot cards. Argues that the twenty-two major arcana are an ancient Egyptian book, The Book of Thoth, saved from the fire that destroyed the temples. Thoth was the Egyptian Mercury, considered one of the early kings, and the legendary inventor of words and hieroglyphics, letters embedded in a chain of events mystics. Many scholars recognize the occult in the letters pages of the book hieroglyphics, which hold in a series of symbols and emblematic figures, the principles of the mystical philosophy of the Egyptians: Gebelin believed that the symbols of the tarot is esoteric spread across Europe from the nomadic tribes of gypsies or Roma.

Types of Tarot

We can find thousands of models of Tarot cards. From classics such as Marseille, more used to tarots is a simple modern design that does not say anything. The process of selecting a Tarot deck, it must be remembered that what we want. The Tarot of Marseilles Tarot and Rider are among the most traditional are the classic tarots of Palladino, of Waite, of Oswald Wirth, the latter two are based versions of the tarot Rider, and the Wizard Alester Crowley , with some illustrations of great imagination and richness of detail. At present the highlights and used Tarots Egyptians for its beauty, its richness of detail and symbolism to choose one or the other we have to inspire their symbolism, no one is better than another, because that depends on each Tarot.